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Certificate of Conformity

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Oh yes, it's there. After a long wait I have the certificate of conformity of my Mini! I was wondering if I would try to get it through the Belgian conformance inspection, or through EuroCoC . EuroCoC is a company that arranges your certificate of conformity for you. You enter the data of your car on their site, and upload a scan of documents of your car and they will arrange everything for you, at a price of course. The advantage is that all this is much faster than the Belgian inspection. How is it that I still waited quite long for my certificate of conformity? Well, EuroCoC is and remains an Internet company. They never see your car, only the papers of your car. I found this a bit strange, and frankly even a little shady. It seemed unlikely that papers obtained from a company that has never seen your car would be completely legal. So I waited until I was completely sure. Miniman_78 on the Independent Mini Forum Belgium had also ordered his certificate of conformity through this site. So I waited until he had been to the inspection with these papers, so I was sure that they accepted these papers there. Last week he told me the good news. He had gone to the inspection with his papers. The station master told him that EuroCoC a recognized organization and that these papers are therefore 100% legal! And I must say, I can advise this company to anyone who has a need for a certificate of conformity. Last Thursday (after office hours) I ordered my certificate of conformity. Friday I received an email saying they received the order and that they could deliver certificate of conformity for my car. Friday I also paid via their site (again after office hours) and Monday, I got a message that they had received my payment. Wednesday (yesterday) I got message that my order was shipped and that it was expected to arrive Thursday (today). And yes, right now I sit here with the certificate of conformity for my mini! Another advantage is that the certificates of conformity through this website are almost always cheaper and certainly faster than using the Belgian way to do it. But I recommend to everyone when they buy a used car, and certainly a Mini, to check if the certificate of conformity is there. The thing is: normally you apply for a certificate of conformity at the brand of car, or through a representative of that brand if it no longer exists. Rover (and Classic Mini), however is an exception. This is because the new BMW Mini (also known as the Bini) just bought the rights to the name, besides from that, they have nothing to do with the Classic Mini. This means that it therefore can not deliver the certificate of conformity. Furthermore, there is no representative for the Rover and therefor not for the Classic Mini. Now the only real stumbling block for getting my mini on the road is time. I must find time to get my Mini to the inspection. Since these days I'm very busy, I fear that I will have to wait until spring break to go to the inspection. After the inspection, I have to insure and register my car. Then it is still waiting for the plates and I can finally start driving it! Patience is key, but the end (or rather the beginning) is in sight!

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