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Another step further into the registration process of my Mini. I went to the customs with all my papers, including the printed copy of the German deregistration certificate. The first thing the customs officer asked me when I showed her the copy was: "Don't you have the originam". My heart skipped a beat. I just had to wait more than 3 months before I got hold of this copy. And now I thought that even this would not be sufficient. So I reply with a frightened voice: "No ...". "Oh no problem." Phew! I actually thought I would have to drive all the way to Germany. Fortunately, this was not the case. After two minutes inside, I left with a vignette 705, some stamps on my papers, and a Mini that was now officially in Belgium.

A while later I got a message from miniman_78 on the Independent Mini Forum Belgium that said that you can also obtain the certificate of conformity through EuroCoc . This site can deliver you the certificate of conformity if you give them a copy of your papers. Because I am still somewhat suspicious towards Internet companies, and because I do not trust the Belgian legislation, I'll wait until miniman_78 went to the inspection with his certificate. If all is in order, I'll order my certificate of conformity through this website as well. Miniman_78 had to wait only 11 days for his certificate. This isn't long compared to the 6 weeks to 3 months you wait if you do it "the Belgian way". Let us hope that this paper is considered legal. Then, hopefully I can drive my Mini on the road by april.

Meanwhile more and more people asked me about my Mini. But I didn't have any pictures, so today I made some pictures of my Mini and added them below ;-).


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