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British Tour in Flanders Fields 2012

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Today we went on a tour with the Mini. To be more specific, the British Tour in Flanders Fields. We had to get up early for this one. We were expected in Ypres at 9 am, but its a 2 hour drive for us. On our way there, we were caught in the middle of a heavy rain shower. The Mini started aquaplaning so bad I had to pull over for a while. But we eventually arrived without a scratch. We immediately saw two other Minis, a Mustang, an Austin 1300 and many other beautiful cars. Once we arrived, we got the road-book and some pictures of items we had to find during the day. Then we had a small but decent breakfast.

At 10 am the tour started. My girlfriend was my co-pilot and basically said where I had to go... like usual ;-). The tour took us over beautiful roads I didn't even know we had here in Belgium. It was absolutely amazing. After 65km we got lunch, and what a lunch it was! The food was delicious and everything was just perfect. We met some very nice British people, who told us all the places in Great-Britain we had to visit with the Mini. In the afternoon we switched places: my girlfriend in the drivers seat, I in the passengers seat as the co-pilot. Again we drove over marvelous roads and had an absolutely great time!

After an other 65km the tour was over. We had a drink and a little snack (pancake and ice-cream) and the winners were announced. Of the +/- 30 teams, we finished 9th. Not bad for our first time. We had a huge amount of fun, and this definitely won't be the last tour we do with the Mini. And, of course, we took some pictures!


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